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Table 1 Dates of operations for East Timor and Bougainville studies

From: Traumatic events, other operational stressors and physical and mental health reported by Australian Defence Force personnel following peacekeeping and war-like deployments

Location Operation Type of Operation Start date End date
 Bougainville  BEL ISI I Non-warlike Nov 1997 Apr 1998
  BEL ISI II Non-warlike Apr 1998 Aug 2003
 East Timor  FABER Non-warlike Jun 1999 Sep 1999
   Warlike Sep 1999 Feb 2000
  SPITFIRE Non-warlike Sep 1999 Sep 1999
  WARDEN Warlike Sep 1999 Apr 2000
  TANAGER Warlike Feb 2000 May 2002
  CITADEL Warlike May 2002 Aug 2003
   Non-warlike Aug 2003 May 2004
  SPIRE Non-warlike May 2004 May 2005