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Table 2 Instruments administered to measure knowledge, attitudes behaviour and mental health status of participants, across time points

From: Mental health first aid for eating disorders: pilot evaluation of a training program for the public

Variable measured Instrument Baseline Post-training Follow-up
Knowledge Knowledge of Eating Disorder Symptoms
    problem recognition
    knowledge of effective treatments scale
    knowledge of informal help-seeking scale
  First Aid Knowledge Test
  Mental Health First Aid Questions    
  item 5 - ALGEE
Attitudes Social Distance Scale
    Beliefs about bulimia (3 items)
Behaviour Level of Contact Report  
  Mental Health First Aid Questions    
    item 1 – Any contact  
    item 2 – Number of contacts  
    item 3 – Amount of help  
    item 4 – Type of help  
    item 6 – Confidence
  First Aid Experiences Questionnaire   
Mental Health Status EDE-Q