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Table 2 Perceptions of what adult and child services feel AMHS involvement should be in adults with ADHD

From: ‘Mind the gap’ - mapping services for young people with ADHD transitioning from child to adult mental health services

AMHS role in ADHD management Adult services - N= 22 Child services - N= 25
Monitoring and prescribing for all cases transitioning from CAMHS 45% (10) 84% (21)
Monitoring and prescribing only for patients with complex and comorbid ‘adult’ disorders 50% (11) 36% (9)
New ADHD diagnostic assessment from Primary Care 64% (14) 78% (20)
Assessment and management of ‘old’ ADHD cases (diagnosed in CAMHS) returning as adults for treatment 75% (17) 89% (22)
Assessment and management of existing AMHS patients for possible ADHD 73% (16) 93% (23)