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Table 2 The risk of bias of included studies

From: Collaborative care for patients with depression and diabetes mellitus: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Studies Year Selection bias Performance bias Detection bias Attrition bias Reporting bias Other bias
   Random sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding of participants and personnel Blinding of outcome assessment Incomplete outcome data Selective reporting Anything else, ideally prespecified
Bogner et al. [26] 2012 U U H U L U U
Bogner et al. [27] 2010 U U H U L U U
Ciechanowski et al. [31] 2006 L U H L L L U
Ell et al. [32] 2011 L L H L L L U
Katon et al. [19] 2010 U L H L U L U
Katon et al. [23] 2004 L L H L U L U
Kinder et al. [33] 2006 U U H U L L U
Williams Jr et al. [28] 2004 L L H L L L U
  1. H high risk of bias, L low risk of bias, U unclear risk of bias.