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Table 1 DBS in AN

From: Is deep brain stimulation a treatment option for anorexia nervosa?

Study n DBS target Result
Israel (2010) 1 Subgenual cingulate cortex DBS for treatment resistant major depression. Co morbid eating disorder-NOS in lasting remission (normalisation of scores on the Eating Attitudes Test-26 and Eating Disorders Examination; normalisation of weight (BMI 19,1 kg/m2) at 2 and 3 year follow-up)
McLaughlin (2012) 1 Ventral capsule/ventral striatum DBS for treatment resistant OCD. Improvements in AN symptoms consisting of less distress about caloric intake and weight (assessment tools and length of follow-up not mentioned; BMI pre-surgery 18,5 kg/m2, post-surgery 19,6 kg/m2)
Sun et al. in Wu et al. (2012) 4 Nucleus accumbens Average of 65% increase in body weight at 38-month follow-up (average baseline BMI: 11,9 kg.m2; average BMI at follow-up: 19,6 kg/2); restoration of the menstrual cycle (n = 4); regaining school functioning (n = 3); remission of AN according to the DSM-IV (n = 4)
Lipsman et al. (2013) 6 Subcallosal cingulate Relatively safe (1 serious adverse event), improvement of BMI compared to historical baseline (n = 3) at 9 month follow-up (average baseline BMI: 13,7 kg/m2; average BMI pre-surgery: 16,1 kg/m2; average BMI at 9 month follow-up: 16,6 kg/m2). Improvements in mood, anxiety, affective regulation and anorexia-related obsessions and compulsions (the latter assessed with the Yale-Brown-Cornell eating disorder scale) at 6 month follow-up; Improvements in quality of life (n = 3)