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Table 1 RO-DBT and standard DBT skills training modules and targets for Overcontrol and AN-R

From: Radically open-dialectical behavior therapy for adult anorexia nervosa: feasibility and outcomes from an inpatient program

Skills module Behavioral targets
*Core mindfulness Rigidity and rule governance
Imperative of correctness
Interpersonal effectiveness Aloofness and social withdrawal
Fear of appearing vulnerable
*Emotion regulation Masking inner feelings
High social comparison/envy/bitterness
Distress tolerance Self-care neglect
Rigid needs for structure and order
**Radical openness Low openness
Avoiding risk and novelty
Disregarding feedback
High distrust and suspicion
Low empathy/validation of others
  Deficient in forgiveness and compassion
  1. Table Legend: * Indicates that new RO-DBT skills for OC have been incorporated within the standard DBT module. ** Indicates new RO-DBT module for OC that is not part of standard DBT.