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Table 2 Quotes for the first theme – The appeal of usability and familiarity

From: Integrating mobile-phone based assessment for psychosis into people’s everyday lives and clinical care: a qualitative study

Speed of entry I do think it is good for that reason that it’s very easy, it pops up and tells you when you need to do it and all you need to do is just slide it and it seems quicker as well. With the text it was like more thinking between the numbers. You had to actually spend more time thinking about it. ID9 (male in his late teens)
  It were a lot faster to fill in. The questions came up straight away… I’d say it probably took three times longer by text than on the Smartphone. ID18 (male in his twenties)
  But your phone it was just on and it was just … on the bar you just done it easy. Speedy and all that. I’d rather your phone than my phone, just for that though. ID19 (male in his forties)
Technological issues Also depended on having a signal, so I couldn’t send text messages if there was no signal. ID3 (male in his twenties)
  You see that phone, I’ve only charged it twice. And it’s still got pretty much full battery power. That’s… pretty good battery life on that. I mean, quite resilient them ones. I wish my battery were like that on my phone. ID8 (male in his late teens)
  Just deleting it was …it was a pain. Went through it and then find delete and then doing it and reading the next question and doing it again and deleting it, it was just doing it all over and over again. ID19 (male in his forties)
Familiarity and ease of transport I don’t know, because I am familiar with the buttons and all that with my phone, know what I mean, what to press and what not to and how to answer it, answer the questions and numbers and buttons to press. I know which ones on my phone. ID5 (male in his forties)
  With the text you don’t have to learn how to use anything… So like maybe for older people you know, they’re less likely to want to do it and… I think the Smartphone are a lot better overall though. ID18 (male in his twenties)
  It was just a bit of bother having 2 phones like to carry around, have my normal one and one for the testing but if that was going to be testing on someone’s normal phone as like an integrated App for them then it's not going to be a problem is it. ID15 (male in his twenties)