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Table 5 Changes in confidence and help provided to others

From: Mental health first aid training for the public: evaluation of effects on knowledge, attitudes and helping behavior

Outcome Before After P-value1
% Feeling confident in helping someone ("moderately", "quite a bit" or "extremely") 62.2% 83.3% .000
% Had contact with anyone with mental health problem2 88.5% 89.0% 1.00
% Provided help ("some" or "a lot") 54.5% 61.9% .036
% Advised professional help 14.6% 9.0% .052
% Gave multiple types of help 45.6% 52.2% .085
  1. 1McNemar exact test, 2-tailed 2Although the percent having some contact did not change, the mean number contacted decreased from 6.41 to 5.26, P = .034 in analysis of variance