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Table 2 Correlations between the subjective scores (lines) and results of whole-night polygraphy(columns). The scores were obtained by an interview after polysomnography. Except the estimated sleep latency and length of sleep, which were expressed in minutes and hours, respectively, the patients' estimates were registered by scores between zero (no symptoms) and four (pronounced symptoms). Only statistically significant (p < 0.05 or p < 0.01 marked by asterisks) coefficients are displayed.

From: Subjective and objective evaluation of alertness and sleep quality in depressed patients

NIGHT RECORDING Sleep latency Sleep st. 0 Sleep st. 1 Sleep st. 2 Sleep st.3+4 REM sleep Sleep efficacy SPT/TIB ** Total sl. time
Estimated sl. latency (min.)    .63*       
Estimated sl. length (h)          
Frequent awakenings .49*         -.49*
Disturbed night sleep        -.70*   
Disturbing dreams          
Satisfactory depth of sleep         .73*  
Woke up too early   .68*        
Well-rested in the morning     .82* .85* .73* .69* .70*  
Estimated total sl.quality   -.78*   .78*     .73*  
  1. **Total time with sleep activity divided by the total time in bed.