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Table 3 Correlation between the scores, regarding the subjective symptoms in the daytime, and presumptive EEG alertness indicators (see Methods). Note that the decreased alertness is indicated by positive values in the first the columns (occurrence of sleep activity) while the same corresponds to the negative values in the next columns (amplitude of alpha activity). Only statistically significant (p < 0.05 or p < 0.01 marked by asterisks) correlation coefficients are displayed.

From: Subjective and objective evaluation of alertness and sleep quality in depressed patients

DAYTIME RECORDING Sleep stage 0–2 (visual analysis) Alpha amplitude (spectrum analysis)
  mean trend mean trend
Not refreshed in the morning     -.67*
Low working capacity    -.43  
"Not in the mood"   .45   -.51*
Disquiet, anxiety    .55* -.62*
Epworth's scale