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Table 3 Elements rated very important with good consensus

From: Essential elements of an early intervention service for psychosis: the opinions of expert clinicians

Element Grouping
EIS team should have a catchment area of 250-300,000 The client group
The EIS should work with adolescents as young as 14 years The client group
EIS should involve users as support workers in community & respite services Membership
The EIS should have designated sessions from a child and adolescent psychiatrist Membership
The EIS should employ youth workers Membership
The EIS should encourage direct referrals from social services Initial assessment
Assessment should people important to service user other than family Initial assessment
The initial EIS care plan should be reviewed at 3 months Initial assessment
The EIS should assess client's eligibility for benefits Initial assessment
The EIS should allow self referral Initial assessment
The EIS should not attempt to make a diagnosis at first assessment Initial assessment
Assessment includes measures symptoms/distress/social functioning/work Initial assessment
Clients should have education/training plan to employment within 3 months Non-pharmaceutical
Clients should have access to user led vocational/educational programme Non-pharmaceutical
The EIS should help clients find suitable accommodation Non-pharmaceutical
EIS avoids reliance on disability allowance as hampers chances of work Non-pharmaceutical
The EIS should provide CBT to prevent transition to psychosis Non-pharmaceutical
The EIS should provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depression Non-pharmaceutical
The EIS uses structured techniques to encourage compliance with drugs Pharmaceutical
The EIS should make initial contact with the clients family at home Relatives and sig others
EIS contacts family/carers and significant others at least monthly Relatives and sig others
EIS maintains regular contact with family even when client has left home Relatives and sig others
EIS attempts to form positive relationships with journalists from local media Community links
The EIS should have access to sports and leisure facilities Community links
EIS integrates with local community to foster ownership and reduce stigma Community links