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Table 4 Elements rated very important with weak consensus

From: Essential elements of an early intervention service for psychosis: the opinions of expert clinicians

Element Grouping
EIS should adopt a needs led model of support Team structure
EIS produces a care plan within week of initial assessment Initial assessment
When treating acutely ill client, long acting benzos rather than neuroleptics used for sedation Pharmaceutical
EIS maintains watching brief for at least 3 months on all clients screened but judged unsuitable for treatment engagement
An EIS should have a catchment area of about 150,000 in inner city areas The client group
The EIS should focus on people under the age of 25 years The client group
EIS should be embedded in a youth services structure owned by statutory & voluntary agencies Team structure
EIS has designated sessions from a child and adolescent psychologist Membership
The EIS should encourage direct referrals from educational institutions Initial assessment
The EIS should encourage direct referrals from non-statutory agencies Initial assessment
EIS uses social activities by the key worker as a means of engaging clients engagement
When client appears psychotic, treatment with drugs delayed for 2 days until diagnosis confirmed Pharmaceutical