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Table 3 Percentage of Australian and Japanese respondents who think the person described in the vignette would be discriminated against by others in the community

From: Stigma in response to mental disorders: a comparison of Australia and Japan

Social Situation

Depression Vignette

Depression/Suicidal Vignette

Early Schizophrenia Vignette

Chronic Schizophrenia Vignette


53.5 c,d (49.8%–57.1%)

61.2 c,d (57.8%–64.5%)

75.9 a,b (72.5%–79.0%)

83.2 a,b (80.4%–85.7%)


27.6* c,d (23.7%–31.5%)

32.6* c,d (28.5%–36.7%)

44.8 * a,b,d (40.4%–49.2%)

62.6% * a,b,c (58.3%–66.9%)

  1. symbols flagging table entries denote a small (Cohen's h ≥ 0.2) to moderate (Cohen's h ≥ 0.5) effect size relative to a depression; bdepression with suicidal ideation; cearly schizophrenia; dchronic schizophrenia. *Australian prevalence
  2. Unbolded symbols indicate a small effect size. Bolded symbols denote a moderate effect size.