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Table 3 English final version of ADRS clinician version (ADRSc)

From: The Adolescent Depression Rating Scale (ADRS): a validation study

Item # Item title Modality of response points
1 Irritability Absence of any irritability, either self-perceived or perceived by the observer 0
   Irritability perceptible or felt in dealings with the subject, although he/she can control it 2
   Considerable irritability in dealings with the subject, generating conflict, relational difficulties 4
   Intense, overpowering irritability making dealings and exchanges virtually impossible 6
2 Overwhelming experience of depression No depressive feelings or thoughts (= gloominess, despair, sadness) 0
   Depressive feelings or thoughts present but controlled and manageable 2
   Feeling of being overwhelmed by depressive feelings or thoughts 4
   Intense feeling of being overwhelmed by depressive suffering that is devastating and impossible to contain 6
3 Negative perceptions of self Perceptions of self are serene and relevant 0
   Tendency to depreciation of self and accomplishments 2
   Depreciation of self and accomplishments 4
   Self viewed as completely worthless, useless, overpowering despair 6
4 Ideas of death No preoccupation regarding death or suicide 0
   Occasional preoccupations regarding death or suicide 2
   Recurrent preoccupations regarding death or suicide 4
   Pervasive and intrusive ideas regarding death or suicide 6
5 Mental slowing No sign of mental slowness, thought and speech fluid 0
   Occasional difficulties in putting ideas together, mental inertia that hinders concentration 2
   Considerable difficulty concentrating, obvious repercussions on daily life or school 4
   Massive mental inertia, that can result in concentration being impossible or the interview being difficult 6
6 Sleep No sleep disturbance, whether in duration or quality(= sleeplessness, nightmares, not feeling rested, sleeping excessively) 0
   Occasional sleep disturbance, unusual to the subject 2
   Marked, persistent sleep disturbance 4
   Major, persistent sleep disturbance, resistant insomnia 6
7 Investment in school, work or job seeking Sustained investment in school or professional activities 0
   Loss of motivation for school or work, but activities maintained 2
   Marked loss of motivation, disinterest for school or professional activities 4
   Total loss of motivation, complete disinterest for school or professional activities 6
8 Investment in non-school activities Interest and enjoyment intact, good investment in usual non-school activities 0
   Decrease of enjoyment or interest in usual non-school activities, but these are nonetheless maintained 2
   Loss of enjoyment or interest, repeated absence from usual activities, marked narrowing of activities 4
   Absence of enjoyment or interest in non-school activities, total cessation of usual activities 6
9 Relationship withdrawal No relational withdrawal 0
   Unusual withdrawal from others 2
   Relational withdrawal, isolation from others 4
   Total isolation 6
10 Perceived empathy from the clinician Interview felt to have occurred in a serene atmosphere 0
   Perception of sadness pervading the interview 2
   Feeling there was over-riding emotion and/or irrepressible sadness 4
   Perception of intense silent distress 6
  1. Intermediate responses are allowed from 0 to 6.
  2. One item has been removed from the initial version: "clinging relationships".