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Table 2 Myths regarding the Electroconvulsive therapy

From: Awareness and perceptions of electroconvulsive therapy among psychiatric patients: a cross-sectional survey from teaching hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan

Number Patients Beliefs regarding ECT N (%)
1 ECT is a treatment of Last resort 78 (56)
2 ECT cause severity in Mental and physical illness in the long run 55 (39)
3 ECT can cause total and irreversible insanity 48 (34)
4 ECT is a form of torture and an in-humane treatment method 52 (37)
5 ECT is used unnecessarily by Doctors for exploiting patients financially or otherwise. 48 (34)
6 ECT renders psychopharmacological treatment in- effective. 34 (24)
7 ECT is a permanent treatment for mental illnesses. 24 (17)