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Table 4 Principle component analysis of the Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale (BFNE)

From: The Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale (BFNE): translation and validation study of the Iranian version

Items (item's number) Factor 1 Factor 2
I worry about what other people will think of me even when I know it doesn't make any difference. (1) 0.70 0.02
I am frequently afraid of other people noticing my shortcomings. (3) 0.68 0.09
I am afraid that others will not approve of me. (5) 0.71 0.12
I am afraid that people will find fault with me. (6) 0.73 0.11
When I am talking to someone, I worry about what they may be thinking about me. (8) 0.85 0.08
I am usually worried about what kind of impression I make. (9) 0.80 0.10
Sometimes I think I am too concerned with what other people think of me. (11) 0.76 0.07
I often worry that I will say or do the wrong things. (12) 0.74 0.02
I am unconcerned even if I know people are forming an unfavorable impression of me. (2) 0.19 0.64
I rarely worry about what kind of impression I am making on someone. (4) 0.11 0.67
Other people's opinions of me do not bother me. (7) 0.24 0.42
If I know someone is judging me, it has little effect on me. (10) 0.07 0.71
Variance contributed by each factor 34.4 17.2