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Table 19 Characteristics and quality of studies included in staff training and support domain

From: A systematic review of the international published literature relating to quality of institutional care for people with longer term mental health problems

Study (Country) Type(s) of Mental Illness Number of Participants Type of Study
(Type of Setting)
Quality Assessment
Alexander et al. 2005 (USA) Severe mental illness 1638 Cross-sectional study (inpatient settings) 9/14
Bradshaw et al. 2007 (UK) Not specified 23 mental health nurses Before and after study (setting not specified) 8/14
Corrigan et al. 2001 (USA) Severe mental illness Not specified Descriptive review (setting not specified) 6/14
Linhorst 1995 (USA) Severe and persistent mental illness 7 focus group members Focus group study (long-term inpatient settings) 8/14; 3/5
Sowers 2005 (USA) Not specified Not applicable Clinical guidance (setting not specified) Not applicable