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Table 1 The Mental Health Self-efficacy Scale (MHSES): Items and results of exploratory FA

From: Effects of mental health self-efficacy on outcomes of a mobile phone and web intervention for mild-to-moderate depression, anxiety and stress: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial

MHSES items Factor loadings Communalities Cronbach’s alpha if item deleted
Please read each question and rate how confident you are that, on an average day in the next month, you will be able to do the following things.    
On an average day in the next month, how confident are you that…    
1. You can keep your stress, anxiety or depression from interfering with the things that you want to do? .75 .56 .88
2. You can do the different tasks and activities needed to manage your stress, anxiety or depression so as to reduce your need to see a doctor? .89 .80 .86
3. You can do things other than just taking medicine to reduce how much your stress, anxiety or depression affects your everyday life? .73 .53 .88
4. You can make your days at least moderately enjoyable? .74 .54 .87
5. You will have moderate amounts of time where you do not experience stress, anxiety or depression? .61 .37 .89
6. You will be able to effectively manage any stress, anxiety or depression that you do experience? .85 .72 .86