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Table 1 Consent for contact with parents only (questionnaires are adult/parent versions)

From: The Amsterdam Sexual Abuse Case (ASAC)-study in day care centers: longitudinal effects of sexual abuse on infants and very young children and their parents, and the consequences of the persistence of abusive images on the internet

Assessment instrument Questionnaire or interview Construct Standardized/validated Age of the child
CRIES Questionnaire PTSD symptoms yes, in USA and in the Netherlands 2-18 years
DIPA or ADIS-C Interview diagnosis and symptoms of PTSD, other anxiety disorders, and mood, behavioral, reactive attachment, and sleep disorders yes, in USA and a Dutch study in progress 2-18 years
CDC Questionnaire symptoms of dissociation yes, in USA 5-14 years
AISI or GIH Questionnaire symptoms of inhibited and disinhibited attachment yes, in the Netherlands 2-18 years
CSBI Questionnaire symptoms of inappropriate sexual behavior yes, in USA Dutch study in progress 2-12 years
CBCL Questionnaire internalizing and externalizing symptoms yes, internationally 1.5-5 years and 6-18 years
Kidscreen-10 Questionnaire quality of life yes, internationally 8-18 years
IES-R Questionnaire parental PTSD symptoms yes, internationally parents
PERQ Questionnaire parental emotional reactions to sexual abuse of child no parents
ECR Questionnaire attachment in adult partner relationships yes, in USA and in the Netherlands parents