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Table 1 Screens used for selecting persons to mental health interview

From: Treatment received and treatment adequacy of depressive disorders among young adults in Finland

Screen Symptoms that the screen assesses Cut-off point or criterion for selection Number (%) of persons selected by the screen
General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) Psychological distress (past month) >3 245 (18.6%)a
K10 Psychological distress (past month) >18 215 (16.3%)a
SCOFF Eating disorders (current) >1 127 (9.7%)a
CIDI section G (psychotic symptoms) Psychotic disorders (lifetime) At least one symptom 348 (26.4%)a
Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) Bipolar spectrum disorders (lifetime) >6 170 (12.9%)a
CAGE Alcohol use disorders (lifetime) >2 229 (17.4%)a
Use of any illicit drug Substance use disorders (lifetime) At least 6 times 98 (7.4%)a
Suicide attempt Severe suicidality At least one attempt 46 (3.5%)a
Use of health services for mental health problem All lifetime disorders At least once 239 (18.2%)a
Perceived need for treatment All lifetime disorders Self-reported need for treatment 90 (6.8%)a
Hospitalization due to any mental health disorder All lifetime disorders ICD-10 group F or ICD-8 and ICD-9 290-319 120 (6.3%)b
  1. aN = 1316 (participants who returned a questionnaire including screens).
  2. bN = 1894 (all participants aged 18–29 years in the Health 2000 study).