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Table 1 Session overview and subjects

From: Indoor rock climbing (bouldering) as a new treatment for depression: study design of a waitlist-controlled randomized group pilot study and the first results

Session Topic
1 Introduction to bouldering, support for group cohesion, obtaining an overview of the physical abilities of the participants
Introduction to mindfulness-breathing techniques
First steps into bouldering: safety rules, getting to know the place, spotting, difficulty of routes
First experiences with bouldering, sharing
2 Old habits – new ways
Body perception in shifting the focus
Bouldering techniques II: Self-awareness, body perception, centre of gravity. Focussing on legs instead of arms
Different ways of bouldering the same boulder: old habits vs. new possibilities
3 Expectation versus experience, healthy handling of limitations
Focussing on the moment: what are my expectations of me?
Feelings of limitation: when is it better to push, when to ease up?
Bouldering techniques III: different possibilities for holding and stepping
4 Self-efficacy: the power of small steps
Self-efficacy and one’s own experiences
Bouldering techniques IV: twisting and Egyptian
5 Fear and trust
Fear, anxiety, and panic: what to do?
Breathing and other techniques when experiencing fear
Differences between objective risks and false alarms
6 Trusting yourself and trusting others
Acknowledging and accepting your own limits
Accepting help from others
Handling the emotions of shame or disappointment
7 Transfer to daily life
Sharing of lessons learned
One’s own daily life problems: transferring to bouldering situations and back?
8 Reflection of lessons learned, free topic (reflecting the group’s wishes)