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Table 1 Examples of partner strategies under the subheadings used in the Delphi questionnaires and the final guidelines

From: Enhancing reciprocal partner support to prevent perinatal depression and anxiety: a Delphi consensus study

Final document subheadings Questionnaire categories Example items
Becoming parents • Becoming a parent
• Developing acceptance
• Identify potential sources of stress, such as relationship problems or financial difficulties, and explore ways of dealing with these problems before the baby is born.
• Be willing to continually explore and adapt, as what works one day may not work the next
Pregnancy and childbirth • Supporting each other though pregnancy and childbirtha • Share how you are feeling about labour and childbirth during pregnancy
Tips for communicating • Communicationa • Share your concerns, thoughts, and feelings with each other
Managing conflict • Conflicta • Use ‘I’ statements, e.g., Instead of saying, “You don’t make any time for us anymore”, say “I feel lonely when we spend less time together”
Sharing the workload • Division of labora • Plan the division of labour and agree on who does what before the baby is born, e.g., talk about who will be employed in paid work
Seeking help from family and friends • Practical supporta • Discuss and consider what supports you will draw on when you become parents
Showing affection and acceptance • Emotional supporta • Validate each other’s thoughts, experiences, and worries, e.g., “I can see how hard this is for you”, “This would be a hard time for anyone”, “You have been dealing with so much lately”
  • Emotional closenessa • Do what you can to strengthen your connection during pregnancy and following childbirth, e.g., let each other know that you love each other
Sex and intimacy • Sexual satisfactiona • If you or your partner lose interest in sex, explore different types of intimacy, such as cuddling or hand holding
Staying healthy • Encouraging self-care
• Using alcohol and drugsa
• Look for quick and easy meal options that incorporate lean meats, whole-grains, low-fat dairy products and fresh fruit, and vegetables
• Be aware that there are healthier ways of coping than alcohol or drug use
Seeking help • Help-seeking • Encourage your partner to seek professional help if you think she or he is experiencing depression as this will benefit their health, the healthy development of your baby, and your relationship
  1. aAccompanied by summary of evidence