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Table 1 Clinician reported role congruence and client interest in preventive care for all four behavioural health risks combined: % (n) agree/strongly agree

From: Mental health clinician attitudes to the provision of preventive care for chronic disease risk behaviours and association with care provision

Attitudinal Item % (n)
Role Congruence  
 1. My manager believes the provision of preventive care is important. 87.4 % (132)
 2. It is part of my role to provide preventive care to clients. 90.7 % (137)
 3. Addressing health risk behaviours won’t jeopardise my relationship with the client. 86.1 % (130)
 4. Providing preventive care for health risk behaviours leaves me time to provide acute care. 66.2 % (100)
 5. Clients find it acceptable for me to talk with them about their health risk behaviours. 92.7 % (140)
Client Interest  
 6. Clients I see are interested in changing their health risk behaviours 47.7 % (72)