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Table 2 Instruments, data sources and times of measurement

From: Effectiveness of illness management and recovery (IMR) in the Netherlands: a randomised clinical trial

Domain Aspect Instrument Data source Time of measurement
Patient file Patient Clinician M1 M2 M3
Bio-demographic data    x x x x   
Diagnosis    x   x x   
Illness management Coping CSES   x   x x x
Social Support MSPSS   x   x x x
Treatment compliance SES    x x x x
Insight Insight Scale (IS)   x   x x x
Addiction Item 24 of the ASI   x   x x x
Illness management + illness outcomes   IMR scale, patient version   x   x x x
IMR scale, clinician version    x x x x
illness outcomes Symptoms BSI   x   x x x
Hospitalisations Records of Mental Health Institution     x x x
Health complaints and functional limitations EQ-5D   x   x x x
Subjective recovery Generic MHRM   x   x x x
Self-Stigma ISMI   x   x x x
Self-Esteem SERS-SF   x   x x x
Goals Granholm’s Goals Template    x x x x
Satisfaction One question of the ROM   x   x x x
Objective recovery Social Functioning The SF Scale   x   x x x
Fidelity   IMR-fidelity scale, GOI; x x x Between M1 & M2  
IT-IS scale