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Table 1 GAS and its concordance with the DSM-5 proposed criteria for Internet gaming disorder

From: Psychometric properties of the 7-item game addiction scale among french and German speaking adults

  How often in the last six months… Internet gaming disorder: proposed criteria
Item 1 Have you thought all day long about playing a game ? Preoccupation (item 1)
Item 2 Have you played longer than intended? Withdrawal (item 5)
Item 3 Have you played games to forget about real life? Tolerance (item 2)
Item 4 Have others unsuccessfully tried to reduce your time spent on games ? Unsuccessful attempts to reduce or stop (item 4)
Item 5 Have you felt upset when you were unable to play ? Loss of interests in other activities (7)
Item 6 Have you had arguments with others (e.g. family, friends) over your time spent on games ? Continue despite problems (item 7)
Item 7 Have you neglected important activities (e.g. school, work, sports) to play games? Deceived others (item 6)
   Escape (item 3)
   Lost relationships or opportunities
  1. aThe suggested GAS items for each criteria are shown in parentheses. Number of criteria: 5 or more. Time criteria: 12 months