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Table 1 Full list of search terms used according to each topic area

From: The underlying neurobiology of key functional domains in young people with mood and anxiety disorders: a systematic review

  Topic area Pub Med Terms
Population of interest Mood and anxiety syndrome or profile Anxiety disorder OR anxiety OR depression OR depressive disorders OR depressive disorder [MeSH Terms] OR major depressive disorder OR MDD OR disorder, bipolar [MeSH Terms] OR bipolar disorder OR affective disorder OR mood disorder OR affective syndrome OR manic syndrome OR depressive syndrome OR anxious syndrome
  Youth Adolescents OR young people OR adolescence OR adolescent [MeSH Terms] OR youth OR young adult
Functional domain Social and economic participation Socio-occupational functioning OR functioning OR social functioning OR occupational participation OR economic participation
  Physical health Physical health OR metabolic rate OR obesity OR blood pressure OR CVD OR fitness OR cardiovascular disease OR BMI or body mass index OR waist measurement OR blood glucose OR smoking rate OR physical activity OR cholesterol levels
  Suicide and self-harm behaviours Suicide [MeSH Terms] OR suicide ideation OR self-harm OR suicide risk
  Alcohol and substance use Substance use disorder [MeSH Terms] OR alcohol use OR drug use
  Clinical syndrome Illness progression OR syndrome progression OR symptom severity
Neurobiological parameter Neuropsychology Neuropsychology OR neuropsychological test [MeSH Terms]
  Imaging Brain imaging [MeSH Terms] OR imaging OR neuroimaging OR fMRI OR DTI OR MRI OR MRS
  Sleep-wake and circadian biology Actigraphy [MeSH Terms] OR melatonin secretion OR circadian rhythms OR DLMO OR sleep-wake and circadian biology
  Neurophysiology Neurophysiology OR EEG OR electroencephalography OR ERP OR event-related potentials
Metabolic BMI OR waist measurement OR blood pressure OR cholesterol
  1. Note. Terms within each cell in column 3 (above) used the ‘OR’ function, whilst the ‘AND’ function was used to combine terms between the cells of column 3