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Table 2 The full names and acronyms of institutions

From: Analysis of scientific collaboration in Chinese psychiatry research

Name of Institution Acronyms Name of Institution Acronyms
Anhui Medical University AHMU Shandong Jining Municipal Hospital for Mental Disease Prevention and Control SD JN Hosp.
Anhui Mental Health Center AH MHC Shandong Liaocheng No. 4 People's Hospital SD LC No. 4 Hosp.
Beijing Ankang Hospital BJ Ankang Hosp. Shandong Linyi Mental Health Center SD LY MHC
Beijing Huilongguan Hospital BJ HLG Hosp. Shandong Mental Health Center SD MHC
Beijing Neurology Consultation Center BJ NCC Shandong Qingdao Mental Health Center QD MHC
Capital Medical University CMU Shandong University SDMU
Central South University CSU Shandong Yantai Psychological Convalescent Hospital SD YT Psych.Hosp.
Chongqing Medical University CQMU Shanghai Baoshan District Mental Health Center SH BS MHC
Chongqing Mental Health Center CQ MHC Shanghai Changning District Mental Health Center SH CN MHC
Foshan No.3 People's Hospital FS No.3 Hosp. Shanghai Hongkou District Mental Health Center SH HK MHC
Fudan University FU Shanghai Jiao Tong University SJTU
Guangdong Foshan No.3 People's Hospital GD FS No.3 Hosp. Shanghai Mental Health Center SHH MHC
Guangdong Shantou No.4 People's Hospital ST No.4 Hosp. Shanghai Pudong New District Mental Health Center SH PD MHC
Guangxi Longquanshan Hospital GX LQS Hosp. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine SHUTCM
Guangxi Medical University GXMU Shanghai YangPu District Mental Health Center SH YP MHC
Guangxi Nanning No.8 People's Hospital NN No.8 Hosp. Shanghai Zhabei District Mental Health Center SH ZB MHC
Guangzhou Brain Hospital GZ Brain Hosp. Shantou University STU
Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital GZ Psych. Hosp. Shenzhen Kangning Hospital SZ Kangning Hosp.
Hangzhou No.7 People's Hospital HZ No.7 Hosp. Shenzhen Mental Health Institute SZ MHI
Hangzhou Police Station Ankang University HZ Ankang Univ. Sichuan Mianyang Mental Health Center SC MY MHC
Hebei Medical University HBMU Sichuan Panzhihua No.3 People's Hospital SC PZH No.3Hosp.
Hebei Mental Health Center HB MHC Sichuan University SCU
Hebei No.6 People's Hospital HB No.6 Hosp. Southern Medical University STMU
Hebei Rongjun Hospital HB Rongjun Hosp. Sun Yat-sen University SYSU
Henan Coal Health School HN Coal Heal. Sch. Suzhou Guangji Hospital SZ GN Hosp.
Henan Psychiatric Hospital HN Psych. Hosp. Suzhou University SZU
Huizhou No.2 People's Hospital HZ No.2 Hosp. Tianjin Anding Hospital TJ Anding Hosp.
Institute of Forensic Science.Ministry of Justice P.R. China IOFC.MOJ Tianjin Ankang Hospital TJ Ankang Hosp.
Jiangsu Wuxi Mental Health Center JS WX MHC Tianjin Medical University TJMU
Jiangsu Yangzhou Wutaishan Hospital YZ WTS Hosp. Tongji University TJU
Jiangsu Zhenjiang No.4 People's Hospital ZJ No.4 Hosp. Wuhan University WHU
Kunming Medical University KMMU Xian Mental Health Center XA MHC
Liaoning Shenyang Mental Health Center SY MHC Xinxiang Central Hospital XX Central Hosp.
Luoyang No.5 People's Hospital LY No.5 Hosp. Xinxiang Medical University XXMU
Nanjing Medical University NJMU Yunnan Psychiatric Hospital YN Psych. Hosp.
Peking University PKU Zhejiang Huzhou No.3 People's Hospital HZ No.3 Hosp.
Shandong Ankang Hospital SD Ankang Hosp. Zhengzhou No.8 People's Hospital ZZ No.8 Hosp.
Shandong Binzhou People's Hospital SD BZ Hosp.