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Table 4 Information needs

From: Pathway to mental health recovery: a qualitative and quantitative study on the needs of Chinese psychiatric inpatients

Information needs (22 items) Frequency (n = 183) Frequency rank
Information on the classifications of mental illnesses, signs and symptoms and factors contributing to relapse 125 1
Information on the reasons for in-patient admission and related ordinance 93 6
Information on different residential placements 90 10
Information on daytime training placements after discharge from in-patient setting 95 5
Information on the criteria and arrangements for discharge 112 2
Information on the ways to raise self-image and overcome stigma adhered to people with mental illnesses 93 7
Information on hospital fees and application of financial assistance 107 4
Information on the reasons behind the hospital rules and regulations 65  
Information on the daily routine and schedules of ward 76  
Information on how to maintain good physical health 91 9
Information on the arrangements at different stages of rehabilitation including pre-discharge arrangements 82  
Information on the news from the outside world 72  
Information on patient’s right (including ways of expressing opinion and making enquiries) 93 8
Information on how relatives can accept, participate and help 76  
Information on job acquisition 87  
Information on stress management and relapse prevention 81  
Information on alcohol and substance misuse 42  
Information on the schedule of meetings with healthcare professionals 60  
Information on community services and resources 57  
Information on the different kinds of care and rehabilitation services 46  
Information on medication prescriptions 59  
Information on the importance of psychiatric drug taking and its side effects 109 3