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Table 2 Probable diagnoses assigned to participants in this study on the basis of Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire scores and body mass index

From: Quality of life as a vulnerability and recovery factor in eating disorders: a community-based study

Participant Probable diagnosis
  Baseline 9-Year follow-Up
 Anna AN Atypical AN
 Bianca Purging Disorder Atypical AN
 Catherine BED BN
 Deanne UFEDa AN
 Elyse Atypical AN Atypical AN
 Fiona BN BN
 Grace BN BN
 Harriot BN Low Frequency BN
 Ingrid BN Low Frequency BN
 Jasmine Low Frequency BED BED
 Katie Low Frequency BED BED
 Lorraine - Low Frequency BN
 Olivia UFEDa -
 Mary BN -
 Naomi Low Frequency BED -
 Peta BN -
 Rhonda BN -
 Stephanie BED -
 Terry Atypical AN BED
  1. Note. All participant names are pseudonyms. AN anorexia nervosa, BN bulimia nervosa, BED binge eating disorder, UFED unspecified feeding or eating disorder. a In both cases of UFED, the participant reported overvaluation of body weight and/or shape in addition to ≥ 4 episodes of subjective binge eating over the past 28 days