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Table 1 Overview of the study measures and their measurement time points

From: Effectiveness of enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-E) in the treatment of anorexia nervosa: a prospective multidisciplinary study

  Measure Baseline before treatment Weekly during treatment 4 weeks after starting treatment 3 months after starting treatment End of treatment 20 weeks after ending treatment 12 months after ending treatment
Initial subject and disease characteristics Sociodemographic background information and illness history x       
  BMI x x x x x x x
Eating-disorder diagnosis and comorbidity EDE-Q x     x x  x x
  Other mental-health diagnoses x    x x x x
MINI 6.0.0 x     x   x
Other somatic ICD-10 diagnoses x    x x x x
Eating behaviors Days with regular eating   x      
Weekly binge-editing episodes   x      
Weekly purging episodes   x      
  Current medications x    x x x x
Blood sampling Potassium x    x x x x
Venous base excess x    x x x x
Estradiol x     x   x
FSH x     x   x
Blood sampling in biobank Genetic and other relevant biomarkers x    x x  x x
  BMD (DEXA) x     x   x
  Work status x    x x x x
Psychometric measures         
CIA x    x x x x
BDI x    x x x x
BAI x    x x x x
RAND-36 x     x   x
SCL-90-R x     x   x
Treatment parameters Measure of early adherence    x     
WAI-S    x   x   
Type of treatment (CBT-E or Intensive CBT-E) x    x x x x
Active, finished, or dropped out x    x x x x
Parallel psychological treatment (other diagnose) x    x x x x
Activity measures Accelerometry x     x   x
Daily log of physical activity (over 7 days) x     x   x
EED x     x   x
CET x     x   x
Stool sample in biobank Bacteriological measures x    x x   x
  IBS self-report x    x x   x