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Table 3 Outline of the Two Sessions of the Fear of Childbirth Consultations

From: ‘I’ve Changed My Mind’, Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) for pregnant women with a high level of fear of childbirth and their partners: study protocol of the quasi-experimental controlled trial

FoCC First Consultation
Mapping of the bodily, mental and social factors underlying FoC and the postpartum period. Interview about the pregnant woman’s overall state of physical health and current pregnancy, her mental health and emotional state, her ideas and values regarding being pregnant, the process of giving birth and being a parent, incidence of psychopathology in her family of origin, her most severe fears about childbirth and the postpartum period, her relationship with her partner, family, presence of social support, workplace experiences, important life events and potential vulnerabilities. A written psychoeducation about FoC and matching behavior from a body and mind perspective is provided.
FoCC Second Consultation
Designing an Individual Childbirth Plan based on the findings from the first consultation and the pregnant woman’s wishes, including the care provider’s, partner’s and family’s attitudes towards her upcoming childbirth, the woman’s intrinsic coping strategies regarding childbirth including her approach to labour pain and 2nd stage pushing, potential requests for care and guidance from her care provider and family, her ability to adapt to possible medical interventions, and guidance regarding first contact with her newborn.