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Table 1 Subscales of the QLiSa

From: QLiS-SF: Development of a short form of the quality of life in schizophrenia questionnaire

Subscale   Subscale  
  Items   Items
Social contacts 5 Abilities to manage daily life 4
Appreciation by others 4 Appraisal of accommodation/housing 5
Relationship to family 3 Financial situation 4
Appraisal of pharmacotherapy 6 Leading a ‘normal’ life 3
Appraisal of psychopathological symptoms 6 Confidence 4
Cognitive functioning 5 General life satisfaction 3
   Work or rehabilitation situation a 2 (1 + 1)
  1. aIncluding 2 work-related items, either of them is used and its result reported, therefore these two items do not constitute a regular subscale