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Table 1 Overview of all measurements

From: The clinical course of trauma-related disorders and personality disorders: study protocol of two-year follow-up based on structured interviews

Construct Instrument Time period Severity measure (interval)
PTSD CAPS [24] Last month Yes
Complex PTSD SIDES [25] Last month Yes
Affect dysregulation SIDES [25] Last month Yes
Dissociative Disorders SCID-D-R [26] Last year Yes
Personality Disorders SIDP-IV [27] Last year Yes
General psychopathology SCL-90-R [28] Last week Yes
Depressive symptoms IDS [29] Last week Yes
Anxiety symptoms BAI [30] Last week Yes
Dissociative symptoms DES [36] Last month Yes
Personality pathology SIPP-118 [31] Last 3 months Yes
Young Schema Questionnaire [32] Currently Yes
Personality traits NEO-PI-R [37] Currently No
Traumatic experiences STI [33] Life time Yes
Neglect PBI [34] 0 to 12 years Yes
STI [35] 0 to 16 years Yes