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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the study participants

From: The Japanese version of the questionnaire about the process of recovery: development and validity and reliability testing

Characteristics Test (N = 197)Retest (N = 10)Chi-squared test (Mann-Whitney U test) c
 N (mean) % (SD a)N (mean) % (SD a)chi-sq (U)p-value
Age, years 42.0 10.9 44.7 6.5 645.0 0.31
Missing9 1 1 
Marital status
 Currently married2412.2220.0  
 Missing data42.000  
Living situationb
 With parents9749.2550.0  
 With sibling(s)2914.7220.0  
 With partner168.1220.0  
 With child115.6110.0  
Classification of mental disorderb
 Mental disorders due to psychoactive substance use2110.700  
 Mood disorders6834.5110.0  
 Anxiety, Adjustment disorders199.6010.0  
 Intellectual disabilities42.0110.0  
 Developmental disorders168.1110.0  
 Not known94.600  
Duration of the current service
 Months43.7 59.0 30.86 26.3 613.50 0.91
 Missing10 3 3 
  1. a: Standard deviation
  2. b: Total percentage will exceed 100 due to multiple responses
  3. c: Chi-squared and Mann-Whitney U tests were used to compare the proportions of the demographic characteristics between participants and non-participants in the retest