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Table 2 Exemplification of the analysis and how the themes, sub-themes and codes were derived from meaning units

From: Experiences of an internet-based support and coaching model for adolescents and young adults with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder –a qualitative study

Theme Sub-theme Code Meaning unit
Deciding to participate Reflecting personal motives Curiosity Interviewer: What did you think about the opportunity to receive internet-based support and coaching when you decided to participate in the project? From the start, when you decided to join… What did you think about it then, do you remember?
Participant 7: Wow. I thought it was really exciting to be able to participate in something like this, and… and I thought it sounded really exciting, to be able to try something new, an alternative to going to a clinic like you usually do *pauses*… that I thought was really exciting.
Taking part in the coaching process Perceived short-term and long-term consequences Improved self-confidence Interviewer: Is there anything … is there an area where you think “this works very well in my daily life”
Participant 1: Yes, there is. Since I took part in this chat-project…
Interviewer: Mmm…
Participant 1: … I have become much more self-confident. I know that’s its okay to kind of withdraw when you feel that it’s all too much.
The significance of format Communicating through the written word Missing personal interaction Participant 3: I think I felt the same about it then, as I feel about it now really. I felt that for me, for myself, I prefer it more personal. To sort of meet up and talk to each other.
Interviewer: Mm
Participant 3: I think you get more out of that.