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Table 2 Measures for Multi-level Model of Navigator Fidelity

From: A hybrid type I randomized effectiveness-implementation trial of patient navigation to improve access to services for children with autism spectrum disorder

Measure Tools Level
Provider Density Publically available data on certified ASD providers State
Diagnostic Availability Publically available data on number of ASD diagnostic centers State
Characteristics Organization location, size, and type Organizational
Organizational Readiness to Change Organizational Readiness to Change Assessment tool [52] Organizational
Demographics Age, race, ethnicity, gender, education, language proficiency Navigator
Experience with ASD Question developed by study team Navigator
Cultural competency Dogra’s Cultural Awareness Questionnaire [53] Navigator
Navigator proficiency Measure developed from Navigator training manual Navigator
Demographics Age, race, ethnicity, child’s gender, comorbid conditions, parental education, nativity, English proficiency, access to transportation, insurance Parent
Parental social support MOS-Social Support Survey [54] Parent
Global perceived stress Perceived Stress Scale- Self Report 14 item [55] Parent
Parenting stress Parenting Stress Index 4th edition – Short Form [56] Parent
Physical/emotional health Veterans RAND 12 Item Health Survey [57] Parent
Parental coping strategies Brief COPE [58] Parent
Child’s impact on the family Family Impact Questionnaire [59] Parent
Parenting stress from ASD Autism Parenting Stress Index [60] Parent
Parental perceived mastery Pearlin Mastery Scale [61] Parent
Child’s adaptive functioning Adaptive Behavior Assessment System II [62] Parent