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Table 2 Effect sizes for healthy control versus patients groups and for multiple regression analyses in each patients group

From: Differential mitochondrial DNA copy number in three mood states of bipolar disorder

  Manic group Depressive group Euthymic group
healthy control 0.068 c(0.081) 0.009a* 0.049c(0.083) 0.041a* 0.008c(0.091) 1a
Clinical characteristics
 Duration of illness 0.002d(0.001) 0.825 b 0.003d(0.001) 0.743b 0.009d(0.004) 0.77b
 YMRS/HDRS 0.040d(0.012) 0.262b 0.100d(0.016) 0.796b 0.259d(0.076) 0.212b
 Number of Previous Episodes 0.116d(0.039) 0.044b* 0.102d(0.044) 0.964b 0.006d(0.065) 0.679b
 CGI-BD-S 0.009d(0.067) 0.632b 0.02d(0.088) 0.724b 0.072d(0.081) 0.536b
  1. ES effect size, SE standard error, YMRS young mania rating scale, HDRS hamilton depression rating scale, CGI-BD-S clinical global impression-bipolar disorder-severity of illness scale, aadjusted p-values of one way ANOVA test; badjusted p-values of multiple regression analyses; cCohen’s eta squared η2 in ANOVA test; dR2 in multiple regression analyses; *P < 0.05