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Table 2 Criteria for success

From: Medication adherence in patients with schizophrenia: a qualitative study of the patient process in motivational interviewing

Criteria Ambivalent at baseline Not ambivalent at baseline
motivated for MAa no motivation for MAa
During the MI-sessions the patient has seriously considered what his/her motives are (not) to adhere to long-term medication. X X X
Existing ambivalence and/or potential barriers are explored. X Xb  
Values and goals are explicitly discussed in relation to medication adherence. X X X
The patient solved the ambivalence and/or has an action plan for perceived barriers. X   
Long-term motivation was strengthened.   X  
The decision (not) to adhere is based on intrinsic motivation: the patient articulates the intention (not) to adhere to long-term medication, based on motives that are valid to the patient. X X X
  1. aMA = Medication adherence
  2. bExploration of potential barriers