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Table 1 Mindfulness-Based Health Promotion content

From: Study protocol of a multicenter randomized controlled trial of mindfulness training to reduce burnout and promote quality of life in police officers: the POLICE study

Session Didactive teaching Practices Homework
1. What is mindfulness -Presentation and aims-Stress and dispersion-What is and what isn’t mindfulness-Characteristics, attitudes and motivation-Introduction to practice diaries -Eating a raisin-Simple mindfulness exercises (listening to sounds, areas of contact with your body, the feel of your feet touching the floor)-Body scan-9-dots exercise -Body scan-Attention for routine activity-Eating one meal mindfully-Mindfulness diary
2. Mindfulness in breathing -What to do with the body-What to do with the mind-Breathing-Information on posture-Preconceptions/fears/challenges in meditation -Mindfulness in breathing-Body scan-Primary and secondary suffering -Body scan-Mindfulness in breathing-Awareness of pleasant events (diary)-Attention for routine activity-Habit changing
3. Mindfulness in the body (part I) -Importance of the body-How mindfulness works-Cognitive defusion -Mindful walking-Mindfulness in breathing-Hello, thank you and goodbye -Body scan-Mindfulness in breathing-Mindful walking-Awareness of unpleasant events (diary)-Attention for routine walking
4. Mindfulness in the body (part II) -Doing mode/being mode-Reinforcing daily practice-Obstacles to the practice-Self -compassion -Mindful movements -Mindfulness in breathing, sensations, sounds and thoughts-3-min breathing space-Mindful walking -Body scan-Mindfulness in breathing-Mindful walking-3-min breathing space-Awareness of communication difficulties (diary)
5. Mindfulness, acceptance and values -Importance of acceptance-Values and committed action-Meaning of life-Hedonic and eudaimonic well-being -Mindful movements-Mindfulness of thoughts-3-min breathing space in doubles -Practice of choice-3-min breathing space during stress
6. Silence   -Mindful movements-Body scan-Sitting meditation-Mindful walking -Practice of choice-Mindfulness conversation
7. Compassion -What is and what isn’t compassion-Biological basis-Ways of training compassion-Fear of compassion in western society -Loving-kindness (for oneself and others)-Sitting meditation-Mindful movements -Practice of choice- Loving-kindness (for oneself and others)-Attention for self-compassion in routine activity
8. Mindfulness for life -Mindfulness in daily life-Recommendation for long-term practice -Loving-kindness (for oneself and others)-Mindfulness poetry -Daily life mindfulness incorporation