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Table 3 Summary of findings on schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders

From: Associations between loneliness and perceived social support and outcomes of mental health problems: a systematic review

Reference Predictor variable Outcome variable Results (++ < 0·05 adjusted; + < 0·05 unadjusted; − non-significant)
Ritsner et al. (2006) [58] Perceived social support Quality of life ++ Higher friend support at baseline predicted better satisfaction with life quality after 16 months (accounted for 2.9% of quality of life index scores at follow up examination)
Brekke et al. (2005) [59] Perceived social support Global functional outcome (work, social functioning, and independent living);
Social functioning domain

Higher social support did not significantly predict better global functional outcome at 12 months (p < 0.10). But social support became a much stronger and statistically significant predictor of social functioning domain