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Table 7 Disposition of Bloom Program patients based on chart reviewa

From: Patient care activities by community pharmacists in a capitation funding model mental health and addictions program

Disposition Number of patients (%)
Still in program 84 (41.8%)
Discharged using discharge form 46 (22.9%)
Assumed discharged (documented discharge plan with > 3 months of inactivity in Bloom Program) 11 (5.5%)
Early loss to follow-up (< 3 months in program) 37 (18.4%)
Late loss to follow-up (> 3 months in program without documented activity or planned discharge) 22 (11%)
Deceasedb 1 (0.5%)
Total 201 (100%)
  1. aDate of first patient enrolment: 20-Sep-2014. Date of last patient enrolment: 08-Mar-2016. b One frail elderly participant with multiple health issues died shortly after enrolling in the program