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Table 1 Outline of training

From: Piloting a mental health training programme for community health workers in South Africa: an exploration of changes in knowledge, confidence and attitudes

Session Topic Elements
1 Introduction and Culture Ice breaker session, pre-training evaluation forms, and discussion of culture.
2 Culture and Mental Illness Introduction of mental illness and it’s overlap with local cultural constructs.
3 Mood and Anxiety Disorder Discussion of the features of these components.
4 Psychotic Disorders, Older People, Intellectual Disabilities, Suicide and Aggression Discussion of the features of these components and an approach to suicide and aggression.
5 Substance Use Disorders and Management of Mental Illness Discussion of substance use, abuse and dependence and the management of previously introduced mental illnesses.
6 The Role of the Community Health Worker Discussion of the role of the Community Health Worker, a review of mental disordered previously discussed, and a discussion of adherence and general support skills
7 The Mental Health Care Act and Admission Pathway Discussion of the mental health act, evaluation and admission pathways and processes.
8 CHW Experiences, Case Vignettes, Evaluation Forms and Closure The CHWs reflect on their training and experience in the field, and complete the post training evaluation documents.