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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in adults and children in the UK: a narrative review

Inclusion Criteria
 Documents with guidance-based status for HCPs working in secondary care in the UK; or were published papers, aimed at HCPs, with the aim of reviewing CPGs
 Documents related to autism diagnosis and assessment for either children, adults or both
 Documents produced either by or through government or professional clinical bodies or published in a journal aimed at HCPs
 Documents related to diagnosis and assessment in UK (England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland)
 Documents dated from 2009 (reflecting publication of the first UK specific Autism Act) or were the most recent CPG published by a key professional body
Exclusion Criteria
 Documents related solely to referral, treatment, prognosis or support services
 Reviews of diagnostic criteria and other academic papers
 Guidelines related to primary care as we were interested in diagnosis rather than referral
 Narrative reviews, editorials and opinions
 Documents related to parliament or legislature; national or regional strategies as they are not the primary source for clinicians
 Local guidance
 Guidance provided by private providers of diagnostic services
 International professional body guidelines (other than ICD/DSM)