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Table 3 Recruitment Methods and Treatment Sites of Psychedelic Medicine Studies

From: Inclusion of people of color in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy: a review of the literature

Study Psychedelic Recruitment Methods Treatment Sites
Outpatient MD Referral Hospital Referral Internet Ad Media Ads Flyer/ Locals Ads Membership Associations Location
Osorio et al., 2015 Ayahuasca       Sao Paolo, Brazil
Palhano-Fontes et al., 2017 Ayahuasca      Natal-RN, Brazil
Sanches et al., 2016 Ayahuasca       Sao Paolo, Brazil
Thomas et al., 2013 Ayahuasca        British Columbia, Canada
Brown &Alper, 2017 Ibogaine       Ensenada, Playas de Tijuana, Mexico
Noller, Frampton & Yazar-Klosinski, 2016 Ibogaine       North Island, New Zealand
Bouso et al., 2008 MDMA       Madrid, Spain
Gasseret al., 2014 LSD     Solothurn, Switzerland
Oehen et al., 2013 MDMA      Biberist, Switzerland
Carhart-Harris et al., 2016 Psilocybin       London, UK
Mithoeferet al., 2010 MDMA       South Carolina, USA
Bogenschutz et al., 2015 Psilocybin       Albequerque, NM, USA
Griffiths et al., 2016 Psilocybin       Baltimore, MD, USA
Grab etal., 2011 Psilocybin     Torrence, CA, USA
Johnson et al., 2014 Psilocybin        Baltimore, MD, USA
Moreno et al., 2006 Psilocybin        Tuscon, AZ, USA
Ross et al., 2016 Psilocybin        New York, NY, USA
Carhart-Harris et al., 2018 Psilocybin       London, UK
N = 18 Count (%) 12 (66.7%) 5 (27.8%) 5 (27.8%) 3 (16.7%) 8 (44.4%) 1 (5.6%)  
  1. MD Medical Doctor
  2. Hospital Referral includes presentations at local medical or psychiatric hospitals or health offices
  3. Membership associations include women’s groups, mental health support groups and similar private organizations