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Table 1 Overview of assessments

From: Effect of virtual reality aggression prevention training for forensic psychiatric patients (VRAPT): study protocol of a multi-center RCT

Instrument 12-week observation (baseline) Pre-intervention During intervention / waiting list Post-intervention 12-week observation Follow-up
SDAS X   X   X  
AVL   X   X   X
CTQ-SF   X     
NAS-PI   X   X   X
STAXI-2   X   X   X
BIS-11   X   X   X
BDHI-D   X   X   X
RPQ   X   X   X
HIBT   X   X   X
IPQ     X   
Interview (VRAPT only)       X
  1. SDAS Social Dysfunction and Aggression Scale AVL Aggression Questionnaire CTQ-SF Childhood Trauma Questionnaire – Short Form NAS-PI Novaco Anger Scale and Provocation Inventory STAXI-2 State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 BIS-11 Barratt Impulsiveness Scale BDHI-D Buss-Durkee Hostility Inventory-Dutch RPQ Reactive Proactive Questionnaire HIBT Hostile Intepretation Bias Task IPQ I-Group Presence Questionnaire