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Table 3 Baseline scores for clinical measures

From: Novel online daily diary interventions for nonsuicidal self-injury: a randomized controlled trial

  ASET (n = 49)
M (SD)
EW (n = 49)
M (SD)
JNL (n = 46)
M (SD)
Self-criticism 43.59(8.93)a 44.73(7.61)a 42.07(9.60)a
Depression 33.04(14.53)a 40.06(13.65)b 39.29(13.30)b
Self-cutting episodes 2.33(3.04)a 4.02(6.82)a 2.89(7.21)a
Overall NSSI episodes 7.20(8.30)a 10.22(12.26)a 9.59(13.47)a
Desire to discontinue NSSI 2.29(0.95)a 2.12(1.21)a 2.27(1.31)a
Likelihood of future NSSI 3.06(1.08)a 3.15(1.04)a 3.00(0.98)a
Suicide ideation 9.00(10.53)a 10.63(10.89)a 12.98(11.49)a
Suicide plans 4.96(8.42)a 4.02(7.32)a 5.57(7.76)a
Suicidal behaviors 0.45(1.68)a 0.16(0.55)a 0.33(0.76)a
  1. Note. ASET Autobiographical Self-Enhancement Training, EW Expressive Writing, JNL Journaling. Means with different subscripts are significantly different at p < .05 from other means within in the same row