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Table 4 Sensitivity and specificity at different cut-off levels for baseline C-SSRS ratings on SI intensity score in predicting non-fatal and fatal suicide attempt during six month follow-up among adult patients presenting at psychiatric emergency services in connection with an episode of self-harm in a Swedish multicentre study 2012–2016

From: Short term risk of non-fatal and fatal suicidal behaviours: the predictive validity of the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale in a Swedish adult psychiatric population with a recent episode of self-harm

C-SSRS Intensity score, cut-off Sensitivity Specificity
15.5 82 34
16.6 73 41
17.5 65 49
18.5 59 57
19.5 47 68
  1. C-SSRS Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale, SI Suicidal ideation