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Fig. 1

From: “Choose change”: design and methods of an acceptance and commitment therapy effectiveness trial for transdiagnostic treatment-resistant patients

Fig. 1

Illustration of the study design. Note. Smartphone, Heat Induction Test, Assessment is administered at Baseline, Post, and 12-month follow-up. Process assessment is assessed weekly during the intensive treatment phase by the patient, therapist, and nurse (in the case of the inpatient setting). Assessment through questionnaires and interview are administered at 1-, 4-, and 9-month follow up. BL: Baseline; P: Patient; T: Therapist; N: Nurse (only for the inpatient setting). FU-1, FU-4, FU-9, FU-12: Assessments at 1-, 4-, 9-, and 12-month follow up

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