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Table 1 Content of the 12-week Functional Rehabilitation Program

From: Testing the efficacy of INtegral Cognitive REMediation (INCREM) in major depressive disorder: study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Session Topics Covered
1. What is attention? (I) Strategies of concentration
2. What is attention? (II) Strategies to improve attention
3. Reading Recovering the habit of reading
4. What is memory? (I) Mnemonic strategies
5. What is memory? (II) The use of diaries and external aids
6. What are executive functions? (I) Self-instructions
7. What are executive functions? (II) Programing activities, prioritization and time management
8. What are executive functions? (III) Problem solving strategies
9. What are executive functions? (IV) Working memory strategies
10. Stress Stress and neurocognition
11. Communication Communication skills and assertiveness
12. Autonomy Independence and autonomy