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Table 2 Content of the 12-week Psychoeducational Program

From: Testing the efficacy of INtegral Cognitive REMediation (INCREM) in major depressive disorder: study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

Session Topics Covered
1. What is depression? (I) Concept of depression
2. What is depression? (II) Definition, symptoms, prevalence and course
3. Etiology of depression Biopsychosocial model, psychobiology and psychological theories
4. Treatment of depression Pharmacological, psychological and other treatment options
5. Behavioral Activation (I) Introduction to Behavioral Activation
6. Behavioral Activation (II) Exposition to positive activities
7. Cognitive Distortions Cognitive distortions, automatic negative thoughts and cognitive restructuring technique
8. Anxiety Anxiety management strategies
9. Social Skills (I) Social skills deficits and communicational styles
10. Social Skills (II) Social skills training
11. Problem-Solving Technique Problem-Solving training
12. Relapse Prevention Summary of the sessions and relapse prevention